Our Services

ASAP Medical Management Inc

Training Provided

  • On any upcoming changes that will effect you
  • Documentation and Charting 

​As your billing company, it is our job to keep you informed on any changes. We will do our best to create any training materials you feel your staff would need.

Call Us:  800-850-8988

Benefits of Outsourcing

•More Focus on Patient Care
•Reduces Billing Errors
•Improves Cash Flow
•Ensures Billing Compliance
•Increases Revenue


  • An absolute necessity to make everything flow smoothly.
  • We will form a relationship with you and your staff to make it all possible.

Fee Schedules

  • Did you know you could be billing for oxygen, IV supplies, disposable supplies, EKG, pulse ox, and ect to private insurances? 
  • Did you know that Medicare usually increases their reimbursement rates yearly, every January? Are you billing at least what Medicare's allowable is?

If you answered "NO" to any of the above questions.....then you need to call us. So we can take care of those things for you before you lose anymore money.

Prior Authorizations

  • Are you pulling your hair out trying to get all the documentation?
  • Facilities not cooperating?
  • Not enough time to get it all done?
  • Do you already have a billing company but yet still doing all this work?

Give ASAP a call and let us take away your unneeded stress from these prior authorization situations! As your billing company we take care of all of it for you!

-Runs submitted daily

-Calls made to patients on self pay bills
-Tracking of MVA & attorney pending bills
-Completion of enrollment & re-credentialing forms
-Rapid & timely response to denials or rejections
-Available for site visits or board meetings as you see fit
-Monthly/Yearly reports supplied
-Notification of insurances increases in reimbursement

-Collecting of medical records for prior-authorizations

-Submit uncollectable bills to our collection agency

-Covered expense of EMS Charts